Thursday, June 13, 2013

So yeah I haven't posted in forever so I thought I'd give you guys a run-down of what's going on currently in my little world of fantastico bananos.

I fixed a lot of the models and I've been working on making the first-person version of pastor look more like fort pastor (Before it looked like.. Whatever the hell it wanted to look like, which isn't good for a 'remake' of anything) and made it look less like total crapola.

Here's a nice to-do list that you can all pretend to force me to actually do (But I won't) before beta version 2.31:

Add Zombies:
- Leaper
- Bloat
- Longarms
- Rumblers
- Brute
- Giant Spoder
- Siren
- Reaper
- Bone
- Regular Spoder (Which is just a small smaller version of the Giant Spoder, trust me I checked and the giant one uses much better textures so I'm going with that.
- Mother (A.K.A Invis-a-nips)

Add Weapons:
- Every Chainsaw (They're probably the easiest weapon to port, seriously it's a big blade on a engine)
- Marksman (Because I want to get the newer weapons out first. That and it just looks cool)
- Sharktail (I like the movie)
- BB Bat (Because it's easy)
- Nail Bat (Because it's easy)
- A lot of other weapons I don't feel like mentioning because I don't know

- Titan walk and run animations (This is a huge pain considering I STILL need to re-rig the titan to accept physics animations)
- Tendril walk and run animations (Same as above)
- Wraith tentacle and walk animations (Like I said on the Moddb page I don't want the Wraith to look like some tree running at you, the tentacles WILL have custom bones so they move more realistically than the actual game. Sorry Neil but your tentacles suck.)
- Reload Animations (Because obvious)
- Barricades (Because why not?)
- Building instances (Because I don't want zombies to whore the hell out of buildings just until you enter them so you get analraepd)
- Some other stuff not worth mentioning right now

I'll try to get a trailer or something out as soon as possible, but I'm super backed-up on work. If you'd like to help me make a promo video please let me know. Kay thanks bai.

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